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Our Story

Journey Worth Loving

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                        About Us

            DWish is a Multidisciplinary
     therapy center and Pre Vocational

and Vocational Training Centre for children and young adults with Neurodevelopmental disabilities runs under AKB Memorial Trust,              a non Profit organization.
Located in heart of Kolkata & managed by

    team of highly enthusiast mentors with

        a dream of making every member

              feel independent & happy.

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         Our mission is to provide holistic

     care with all therapies under one roof

     for therapeutic needs of children with developmental difficulties. We are committed

   in enabling the children to develop them   physically, socially and emotionally with help    of the trained and certified professionals.          Along with therapies ,our aim is to provide           training to young adults with all possible                developmental difficulties for their                                     rehabilitation.

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            DWish aims to establish a low

        therapy cost model and vocational

   training set up so that no child and young        adults with Neurodevelopmental disorders        leave behind due to economic barriers .To   create job opportunities for children & young   adults with Neurodevelopmental disorders is     the main of the vocational set up. To work

      hard and smart and create a healthy &

          nurturing environment so that our

                members too have an aim

                                 in life. 


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